Yay!!! My New Mailbox is In!

 It’s been a long time coming.
A couple months ago I got to thinking
I needed one more dragon.
A dragon mailbox maybe.
So I went to Mr. Google and began looking.
And . . .  this guy arrived last week.
 Mark was out of town and I needed to
wait till he got home,
but then we unboxed him.
 Looks pretty amazing, doesn’t he?
The mailbox will sit on top of his head.
Those little outstretched hands are meant
to hold your newspaper.
Except we live where the wind blows like
crazy 24/7. Any newspaper we might get
would eventually end up in Canada somewhere.
 Isn’t he cute?
 Today was finally the day to set up the mailbox.
I have been concerned about the snow plows
taking him out, so I was glad to see Mark extend the mailbox out a little over the front.
The mail people will see that and steer clear,
hopefully meaning this little guy will be safe.
 Of course we will probably keep him shoveled
out a little bit, too.
 That post extends down through the dragon
and into the ground a couple feet.
He shouldn’t be going anywhere.

He should fit right in with the rest of the crew.

That brings my outside tally to 8 dragons.

6 thoughts on “Yay!!! My New Mailbox is In!

  1. He is very unique, kind of scary, but that's o.k. My Dad was a mailman… I wonder what he would think of that mailbox… lol.

  2. 8 dragons is quite a herd (wonder what a collective of dragons is??) maybe that should be a den of dragons. Now if he's a fire-breathing dragon you won't need to keep him shovelled free from snow…….

    • hahaha! I wish! and yes I've called them a den, a herd, probably something else, too. but I'm thinking den is probably right. and the spot they live in I've been calling my dragon hollow

    • Thanks, diane, I'm glad I could give you a smile. By the way, I named my mail dragon Doug after our mail carrier. He smiled when I told him why I wanted to know his name.

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