Wonder Woman Journal Page

This week’s art journaling prompt in
Tangle All Around (FB)
was memorabilia. Any kind of tickets,
fliers, posters, any paper work that
would remind you of a fun time!
Mark and I went to see Wonder Woman this week
and I really enjoyed the movie!
So I thought – what a perfect thing to journal!
This is my completed page.
Not hard, not fancy, just enough.

I began by printing out the poster

on a sheet of card stock and trimming it down.

I printed it the size of the pages in my journal.

Or close enough.

Next, I used some of Tim Holtz’

Distress Ink and inked the edges of the card

stock. Super easy to do. Just run the ink

pad along the edge of the paper.

There – you can see it a bit here.

I used a color that would work well

with the other colors in the poster.

I found a piece of scrapbook scrap that

would work well with the idea of the theatre,

and adhered my ticket to it.

Inked that edge, too.

OK, so I figured too short on my poster

when I printed it out. No problem.

I snugged it all the way to the top of the

page and adhered it in place.

This left a little over 1/4″ of blank space at the bottom.

I used some washi tape to cover that gap –

realizing that most of it was going to be covered

up with my ticket anyway.

I centered the ticket and stuck it in place.

This is what I had up to that point.

Tangle All Around requires some amount of

tangling on our pages somewhere, so I decided

to fill in those Justice League letters behind

Wonder Woman with my tangle Line Dance.

Behind her legs where the color was lighter –

due to the sun – I used a grey micron and

continued the line dance.

And called it done.

Not a hard page by any means,

just a simple one that anyone could do.

And I get to admire my ticket/memorabilia

and remember how much I enjoyed the movie!

3 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Journal Page

  1. Terrific the way you integrated tangling & the use of the grey behind her legs is a masterful stroke adding so much impact to the overall design. A lovely way of remembering your trip.

    • I started not to tangle behind her legs because the black ink would have been distracting. then I remembered I had a grey micron. and I wondered why in the world I bought a grey pen. hahaha! came in hand here

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