Washi Tape as a String

Here is a little project for you to try.
Easy peasy.
I promise
 But first – a look at my cute little journals
I made while Mark was off bear hunting.
This mini journal’s pages are 4″ x 6″.
Every other page is either scrapbook paper,
or a gelli print I made,
or a piece of Dylusions ink sprayed wonderfulness
that I love making.
Sandwiched between each of these pages is a
sheet of either mixed media paper
or watercolor paper.
All in all 36 sheets with 72 work surfaces
in this cute little mini journal.
 I opened up my little mini journal and used
3 different roles of washi tape to section
the page off into 6 different areas.
If you don’t know what washi tape is –
well, I don’t know if I can help you or not.
Totally just kidding.
Friend that is reading this, meet Washi Tape.
Washi Tape, meet Friend.
Mr. Google describes washi tape as
a do it yourself delight. Easily confused as masking
tape because of its look and feel, typically made from
fibers of the bark of trees native to Japan.
if you buy yours from Walmart, Michael’s
or Hobby Lobby
washi tape will be a paper tape that is beautiful and
colorful and highly addictive.
Commonly used in art journals, scrapbooks, mixed media projects,
there is no end to the wonderful uses for washi tape.
And now you must run out to your local Walmart
or craft store and buy 100 rolls
because that is the way of the washi.
 So, my sections are sectioned.
Here is a look at the inside of that little
mini journal I was explaining.

I picked a section and added a tangle.

Of course I started with Printemps – that one

in the center – because I pretty much always

start with Printemps.

I did all the sections in that purple pen first.

Then I moved to my favorite black Sharpie

fine point and finished out my sections.

For this particular piece I opted not to shade.

This page lays next to that beautiful watercolor

page and I don’t want the graphite having

a field day with my watercolors.

My art. My choice.


Super easy project to do and the very newest

tangler can do this and be successful

every single time!

I promise!

Tangles are from top to bottom: crescent moon, All Boxed Up, pinz, printemps, athitzi, and golden. 

Some of these tangles are not published anywhere online. 

3 thoughts on “Washi Tape as a String

  1. I never thought of making strings with washi tape. So many times I fiddle around so long picking out a string that I never get to the tangling. Thanks for sharing the great idea!

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