This Week in Maine

 It’s a beautiful week in Maine.
We’ve had some rain, but we’ve had some
beautiful sunny days, too!
Mark has been able to get some fishing in.
My little garden (it came with the house) is in
full bloom. Every day there is something new.
And I don’t know what most of it is.
Above is some Queen Anne’s Lace.
We have a ton of it.
Growing like crazy and it’s beautiful!
 I posted these pictures on Instagram and asked
if anyone knew what these flowers are.
I’m told this is a peony.
By about 15 different people so it must be true.
I tell you – this iPhone 7 was a great decision!
These are all cell phone shots.
Pretty much my whole blog is one big cell phone shot!
But just look at those water droplets on that flower!
 And on this shot of some buds.
We just have the one bush of peonies,
but there must be 15 buds on it.
 And what is a post about Maine without a shot
of dragons??? Our neighbor Mike called my dragon
hollow my “little slice of heaven” and he is so right!
This is one end of my bench. There is a dragon at
the other end also. Hand carved with a chain saw
from pine tree stumps! Not by me but by a fellow
in Florida.
 As we drive we see field after field of crops.
Mostly potatoes fields.
That’s the going thing up here.
It’s amazing to Mark and I how fast the crops grow.
We can almost see them grow as we drive past.
This field edges up to our property.
All those white/cream things you see in the dirt at the
bottom of the photo – those are rocks.
There are rocks everywhere up here!
You can plow and plow and plow and you will
never get rid of the rocks.

And today is just one of those days when

I have to wear my crazy cat lady shoes!

(Those socks have giraffes on them.)

I’m not one to settle for plain and boring.



Thanks for sharing our week here in Maine!

2 thoughts on “This Week in Maine

  1. Love your socks & shoes – but don't let the dragons see those………… It's lovely to see how happy you are about where you live & your enthusiasm for the surroundings. Your peony bush is quite something. I'm not much of a plant knowledge person – I managed to kill my Calandiva but am trying to propagate some leaf cuttings, we'll see. I'm better at propagating other things (books & pencils………)

    • here in the states we call it 'having a green thumb' when you can make plants and gardens grow. I have a black thumb. if these plants weren't already here and they can take care of themselves – we wouldn't have them at all. hahaha!! thankful God saw to that need before we bought the house

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