From Inspired Blessings

 Back in February, my mom passed away.
My nephew John collected some of Mom’s shirts and
slacks and sent them to Inspired Blessings.
You can find them here on Facebook.
They turned the clothes into these beautiful
memory bears!
The body is made from one of Mom’s shirts.
The ears, feet, arms, and bow are made
from a pair of slacks.
 Such a wonderful memento!
John had bears made for the children,
grandchildren, and a couple of the nieces.
This plaque is special, too!
 I like that each bear is tailored to the person
receiving it.
 Yeah. This totally made me cry.

Thank you, John!

And thanks to Inspired Blessings.

You are exactly that!

What a beautiful way for me to remember Mom.

This outfit was one of her

‘Doctor’ outfits.

I need to find just the right place to display her!

After I stop crying.

4 thoughts on “From Inspired Blessings

    • a wonderful thing to do. and I've already had one lady contact me through Facebook to tell me she is going to do these for her grandchildren. I'm glad we are able to help someone else cope with their grief as well

  1. What an absolutely wonderful and thoughtful thing for your Nephew to do for the family. It made me wish I had done something like that for my Mom. I know you will treasure yours.

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