Distress Oxides – It’s a New Thing

 Distress oxide inks from Ranger.
They are new for me. And I like them a whole lot!
These are my first experimental backgrounds.
 It was a simple process, really.
I worked directly on a craft mat.
In case you don’t have one of these –
you need one!
Available at Michael’s, or Hobby Lobby,
anywhere Ranger products are sold –
they are a type of plastic mat that colors don’t
permanently adhere to.
Anytime I work with wet media,
I work on a craft mat.
When I am finished all the color that got on
the craft wipes off with a paper towel,
or a baby wipe.
No stains.
 To make these tiles, I stamped the distress oxide
ink pads directly onto the craft mat, then
spritzed them with water.
After that it was a simple matter to just
rub the tile into and through and over
the wet, colored area.
 Then I sat the tiles aside to dry.
The oxide ink is permanent once it dries.
For a couple of the tiles – particularly this one above –
if I didn’t like the results, I just put more color on
my craft mat, wet it, and re-pulled the tile
through the color.
You can tap it down into splotches of color,
if you like that better.
Then sit it aside to dry.
 The colors aren’t as bright as I normally like,
but not everyone likes their colors as bright as I do.
 Before I tangle on these, I will buff them with a
paper towel to remove any residual, loose ink.
I don’t feel any to the touch,
but it never hurts.

I am sure there are many other ways to use

these distress oxide inks.

Hopefully I will share more with you

in the near future!

2 thoughts on “Distress Oxides – It’s a New Thing

  1. If you stamp with the Oxide Inks, you can blend the colors and the stamped image remains intact. It gives a lovely soft background. I really enjoy these inks!Terri, CZT 16

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