Can’t Believe How Fast the Grass Grows!

 I seriously can’t believe how fast the
grass grows here in Maine. Mark could mow
twice a week and just barely be keeping
ahead of it.
It does – however – create a beautiful backdrop.
I have no idea what kind of flower this is.
I guess I need to send Brenda a picture and ask.
I ask her about plants
I ask Mike about animals and bugs.
 There are a whole lot of blooms on the bush.
Whatever it is.
Here is part of my little garden that came with the house.
I didn’t do a thing – except replace the gazing
ball that broke under a ton of snow.
 You want to see my dragons?
Cause you know I haven’t posted any pictures of them
in a week or so. Hahaha!
This awesome bench stayed on the porch all winter.
Tons of snow would not have been good for it.
Each dragon was carved with a small chain saw
from . . .
pine tree stumps!
 Here is Mushu and a little dragon
that I really haven’t named yet.
I know.
He is going to have an identity crisis.
Mark was able to glue his wings back on.
The snow got away from me this year
and before I knew it – he was buried under
several feet of snow.
And his wings totally fell off.
 And across from them are Maleficent,
Prince Charming, and Lilly.
If you watch Once Upon a Time you will
already know that Lilly is Maleficent’s daughter,
and that in one scene Prince Charming
fights Maleficent.

Here is a quick overview of my dragon area.

I can sit on my dragon bench and read.

It is usually too windy to draw.

The wind blows all the time here.

And the black flies and mosquitoes are

unreal right now.


Just have one more thing to go into the dragon hollow.

A rock.

Mark and Mike are going to bring it home for me.

I found it way down the road from our house.

It will require two people, a truck, maybe a wench.

It reminds me of Newfoundland.

And it will go in here with the dragons somewhere.

4 thoughts on “Can’t Believe How Fast the Grass Grows!

  1. Grass is growing fast here too at present, you can almost see it growing. Less rain this week so it should slow down a bit. Those rhododendrons really grow & the bees love them. The dragon dell looks like a special place for you, take care in the wind though.

    • it is some kind of crazy windy here today. and it's hot! yuck. hahaha! at least the wind helps with it not feeling so hot. mark is getting ready to mow the yard now.

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