The Urge to Fish is Strong

 This is the first sunny day in a long time!
Mark came into my studio and asked if I wanted
to ride and look at the lakes.
He is so bored sitting in the house and is itching
to get back out onto the water.
On the way to look at lakes,
we ran into this girl just down the road
from our house.
 She was patient and stood still for a long time.
Seriously, I have like ten photos of her being so still.
So Mark started talking to her and she moved a little.
 Not much. Hahaha!
I am guessing this is a new deer since
last hunting season.
She needs to learn quickly to run and hide
when people stop and stare.
 Just a little further down the road
we started seeing flowers along the road side.
Mind you, we still have snow in parts of our yard –
and flowers in other parts of our yard.
Go figure!
 In case you weren’t following my blog last spring
and summer, Mark and I just moved to Maine
a year ago. One of my favorite things to look at
here are the wind turbines.
These are literally just down the road from our house.
By fall you will be tired of seeing them here.
Hahahaha! Sorry.
Pleasant Lake. On our road.
Up till the past day or two, this lake was covered
in ice. It can melt so fast.
 This is one of Mark’s fishing spots.
And it’s beautiful!
 Different lake – Mattawamkeag Lake
in Island Falls, Maine.
 From the boat ramp.
I noticed the little sparkles on the water.
Didn’t catch them very well here . . .
 . . . but had better luck with this photo.
Such a beautiful day with the sun shimmering
on the water.
 This bit of driftwood reminded me of Florida.
And Newfoundland.
When we visited Newfoundland two years ago,
I found an awesome piece of driftwood but I
was afraid the airlines would make me throw it
away. So my friend Christy mailed it to me.
It is currently sitting in a window in my studio.
This pile in the photo was the size of a small dog.
So it is still at Mattawamkeag.
 Traveling to the next lake,
we drove through Smyrna where a community
of Amish reside. They have the best jams and jellies!
 I don’t know if the buffalo belong to the Amish or not.
They are always good for a few pictures.
Just don’t walk too close . . .
 . . . or they do this . . .
 . . . and this. Then they walk away.
In the opposite direction.
 This is Nickerson Lake.
Probably the lake Mark likes to fish the most.

Lots of fish to be caught here.

And – apparently – the occasional tree.

When we got home, Mark got his boat out of

the garage and it is sitting out front.

Ready to roll!

6 thoughts on “The Urge to Fish is Strong

  1. A really beautiful place – I can see why Mark enjoys the fishing with the glorious scenery & just a dog or two for company. Goodness the buffalo look rugged & that little deer just the opposite so dainty. Thank you for the photos – a glimpse of your countryside, so different from our city in Devon which is very very English in the way it looks; Except for the buffalo the scenery in your photos still reminds me of Sweden. Is there the bones of a tangle pattern in that buffalo feeding trough??

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