Playing With Resist and Watercolors


Zentangle All Around recently had a prompt to

think outside the box.

Try something you’ve not done before.

A product, a technique, anything that

breaks the block we artists all feel at one time

or another.

Christine called the prompt:

Break the Block!

 Months ago I bought a Prima product called
Watercolor Resist Pen.
A bottle of liquid that allows you to mask off an area
so you can have contrast when you watercolor.
It has a needle tip on it and you just squeeze.
I used a piece of mixed media paper and
made scrolls and loops using the resist pen.
Then I put it somewhere safe from Aurora
to dry overnight.
 The next day, I used a small watercolor set
also from Prima and watercolored my paper.
I slopped on a lot of water to start with –
then added the color.
It was cool to watch how the color moved to the
borders of the resist and sat there.
I was curious about the amount of water I added.
I really thought it would seep under the edges
of the resist lines.
 Here is what it looked like dry.
I did not use a heat gun to dry this.
I wasn’t sure how the resist would react
with the heat, so I just stuck it back in
the safe spot and waited.

I really love how the colors mixed with each

other. Notice – when the color bumped up

to the resist lines, as it dried the resist pushed

the color back in on itself. And made those

cool little wiggly edges all around.

I love it!

 Yesterday, I started peeling off the resist.
It pulled up in a little rubbery strip,
kind of like rubber cement did when
we were kids.
Notice that the color did not seep under
the resist like I thought it might.
It left a good crisp, clear line.

And the white line left behind looks exactly like

the resist line did.

All the little blobs and blunders I made –

not thinking ahead of time where I wanted

to go –

all still show up.

But that’s ok. I like it!

Next, I will take this sheet and start

tangling it up!

Resist and frisket are the same things.

And I truly believe rubber cement

would do the same thing. Just remember

with it – the fumes are killer for headaches.

We don’t even have any in our house just

for that very reason.


Just have fun and play some today.

8 thoughts on “Playing With Resist and Watercolors

  1. I can see you had some fun with this – we have masking fluid for watercolours here in the UK. I think a Gelly Roll Sakura Glaze (Clear) would also work to give the resist, & so would a wax crayon in white though both those two would resist a Pigma Micron or whatever pen you'd tangle with too.

    • I should do an art on a shoestring resist with a crayon and kid's watercolors. Thanks for the idea

  2. I was admiring the beautiful art you have for sale on Etsy and found your blog. I really like the way you are able to make the bright colors work together without being muddy.

    • Thank you! For looking at my store and my blog! I seem drawn to pink, purple, and teals. Just keep a paper towel handy and if things start to mud up, blot up that color and keep on working ?

  3. i did it, but the color didn't pull away from the resist. I am going to try water color paper (i used mixed media) today. the way it pulls away from the lines adds a nice design element.

    • what product did you use? I was thinking might be the white crayon post – but see that it isn't. with the white crayon I had to go back over my lines and make them heavier. for the frisket and resist pen – make sure it is dry before you watercolor and make sure that dries before you pull off the resist.

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