Crayon Resist, Art on a Shoe String


 Are you ready for another Art on a Shoe String? A couple weeks ago I posted the above piece of art that I made using a watercolor resist pen with watercolor paints. Not everyone has access to a watercolor resist pen, or to frisket, but most everyone has access to crayons. Yes. Crayons. So let’s… Continue Reading

Getting Sketchy Saturday


 I always laugh when I type “Getting Sketchy.” As an ex-police officer, getting sketchy has a whole different meaning than the way I use it here. Hahahahaha!  I admin a group on Facebook called Zentangle All Around. We focus on three different prompts each week. On Saturdays we post photos of what we worked on… Continue Reading

Philippians 4:8


 Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.  Philippians 4:8  I am still getting used to Bible journaling. Getting ‘OK’ with drawing in my Bible And glueing things… Continue Reading

Starting Again


It has been some time since I really felt like drawing. Zentangle is supposed to be relaxing, soothing, healing, but it just hasn’t worked for me in awhile. Last night I watched The Voice (cheering on Aliyah Moulden and Chris Blue!), then I started catching up on missed episodes of Marvel: Agents of Shield (poor Fitz!) and… Continue Reading

Playing With Resist and Watercolors


Zentangle All Around recently had a prompt to think outside the box. Try something you’ve not done before. A product, a technique, anything that breaks the block we artists all feel at one time or another. Christine called the prompt: Break the Block!  Months ago I bought a Prima product called Watercolor Resist Pen. A bottle… Continue Reading

Finally! An Animal!


 Finally! After a long winter and snow that stayed on the ground forever – we finally had an animal show up in the back yard today!  I love that the raccoons in Maine are brown. The Florida raccoons are gray. These are much prettier and warmer looking. (I still don’t want to get close to one, though.)… Continue Reading

Stinking Benjamins


Yes. You did read that title correctly. We have a bunch of these little plants blooming in our yard. Our neighbor Mike came over today to help Mark move some of the dragons back out into the yard. Mike spotted these flowers and told us they are called Stinking Benjamins. Apparently they smell really bad. Like… Continue Reading

Tangled Letter Art


In my Facebook group – Tangle All Around – we are working on letter art this week. I set up a Pinterest board showing different types of lettering – some fun, some serious, some decorative. Just examples – you can see them here. I chose this page of letters to work with.  I knew that I wanted to… Continue Reading

The Birds Are Coming Back


Mark put new birdseed out about a month ago. It’s taken this long for the birds to find it. Hahaha! (These first three photos were shot through the kitchen window.)  Actually there were about 8-10 blue jays flying around the front yard.  I took a chance and stepped out onto the porch – hoping they… Continue Reading

The Urge to Fish is Strong


 This is the first sunny day in a long time! Mark came into my studio and asked if I wanted to ride and look at the lakes. He is so bored sitting in the house and is itching to get back out onto the water. On the way to look at lakes, we ran into this… Continue Reading