The Shoe Tree, Houlton, Maine

 Shoe trees represent the American spirit –
along our highways.
It may begin as casually as one person
tossing his shoes high into the air,
allowing them to hang among the branches.
 It may end there.
With that one pair of shoes.
Or –
it may blossom as person after person
stops traveling long enough
to add their shoes to the tree.
 Historically shoe trees have documented
weddings, baby debuts, graduations, funerals.
Any time family is celebrated.
The shoe tree is a form of remembrance.
 These trees may last generations,
tracing our history by our shoe wear.

This particular shoe tree is located just outside

Houlton, Maine, close to where we live.

The branches are loaded down with shoe after

shoe after shoe.

If you were able to look closer and inspect the

shoes, you may notice writing and notes

detailing the occasion the shoes were tossed

among the branches.

And there are so many pairs and singles just laying on the ground.

Ghosts of shoe wear past.

Surely. Hahaha!

And we have been trying to find this tree again.

We first saw it about a year ago.

Well, today was the today.

The Maine version of the shoe tree!

6 thoughts on “The Shoe Tree, Houlton, Maine

  1. In Maine, people have lots and lots of time on their hands. This is the sort of thing that brings out the whole clan for a Sunday drive. Most of the kids that graduate from high school leave these little towns behind. I did, but I really don’t know why. Houlton is a beautiful little town and the people are very nice. I wish there was more of a draw to keep the kids from moving away.

  2. I was just there with my son this past weekend I was born in Houlton and I think the tree is amazing the someone decided to do something so crazy and people have been doing it for years I think it is really a nice thing that the people who own this tree to allowed it to still happen and god bless them

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