He is Risen! Happy Easter!

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 Happy Easter from our house in Maine,
to your house and home!
Hallelujah, He is risen!
I found this photo online about three Easters ago
and I have been using it for my Facebook profile photo.
Since then I have gotten interested in
Bible journaling and I thought it would be a challenge
to try to paint this in my Bible to remember this
Easter weekend.

From the crucifixion on the cross,

to the tomb,

to our risen Lord and Saviour,

Jesus is Lord!

My first real ‘painting’ experiment went really well.

I prepped the page first with a clear gesso,

I want to still be able to read the scripture

through the painting.

I used a pencil to sketch the layout,

and Schmincke watercolors for the painting.

The water made the page ruffly,

it has flattened out a good bit overnight.

I am sure it will eventually lay flat.

I’m told I could iron the page,

but I’m afraid to.

Happy Easter, All!

Have a blessed year.

We serve a risen Lord!

One thought on “He is Risen! Happy Easter!

  1. Love the way you've taken the image as inspiration – it does really grab you & make you want to read the (true) story. The depth you've created is lovely. Happy Easter.

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