Rubbing Alcohol Makes It All Good


Here is a quickie project for you!

*** Protect your work surface! ***
I used three colors of liquid watercolor
(mine came from Dick Blick,)
mixed media paper and some rubbing alcohol.
First I got the surface of the paper really wet with a mop brush,
then I used a pipette to drop watercolor into the water.
The color started moving around
and I added more drops here and there,
until I got a look I was happy with.
Next I used a paintbrush to flick drops
of rubbing alcohol onto various bodies of color.
The rubbing alcohol pushes the color away –
much like it does when you use blending solution
on alcohol inks.
Then I let the whole mess dry as it was.

And this is how it turned out!

I love it!

You can see where the rubbing alcohol

pushed the color out of the way,

leaving behind those white splotchy spaces.

The hope is to eventually draw on this.

My eyes are not progressing at the pace I had

hoped for. Still praying it happens,

but I am not really able to do any detail

drawing at this point.

At least playing with color is a lot of fun!

4 thoughts on “Rubbing Alcohol Makes It All Good

  1. Praying too. Good to see you playing with colour in the meantime. Using the Rubbing Alcohol looks much cleaner & more defined when it comes to the edges where it's pushed the colour way than when using just plain water. Hard to get hold of Rubbing Alcohol here, maybe it goes under a different name perhaps. Do take care of yourself.

  2. my prayers are with you My son is still working his way through it Dr keeps saying it will happen be patient Not so easy to do..I love the projects you keep coming up with You still are doing incredible work Elaine S.

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