Morphing Tangles

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To say I’m getting discouraged tangling

would be putting it mildly.

It took me three days to draw this simple tangle,

but at least I tangled something.

 I frequently get asked how I decide which patterns to use
and how I make them work together.

One of the weekly prompts in my Facebook group

Tangle All Around

was to use Julie Beland’s tangle gooberz.

I love that tangle!

I knew that I needed something else to go with it,

so I went to Julie’s Pinterest board and looked

at the other patterns she has designed.

Beauchamp is similar in style

and the roundness of each tangle works well together.

So Beauchamp became my second pattern.

I began by setting up a section of gooberz
to the left-hand side of my page.
Those thickened lines really make this
tangle special!
They also help cover up any boo-boos
you may make.
 I needed to segue from one tangle to the next.
The obvious way to blend the two was to keep
the curvature of the line going.
I placed my first line of Beauchamp to the
right of an unfinished gooberz.
 Then I filled in the right-hand side of the page
with more curvy lines that were to
be filled with beauchamp.
 I connected gooberz to beauchamp with those
straight lines and began drawing in the orbs
for the beauchamp design.
 I felt like the drawing needed to begin and end
the same way, so I added one last
line of gooberz out to the right.
Blackening in those fills between the
beauchamp blobs really made that tangle pop!
And it gave the bit of contrast I needed.

The last thing I did was to tangle up all

those blobs. Any tangle works here for fills.

And the more tangles, the better.

I love variety.

In a couple months when my eyes are better

I will come back and shade this piece.

In the interim a couple people mentioned

they wanted to color this one.

Go for it!

I’d love to see how it turns out!

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