Loving These Florals!

I love these big bold floral designs!
They are such a surprising and pleasant experience!
 Like I’ve mentioned several times before,
I am taking some classes from Alisa Burke.
You can check out her entire website here.
Look for her classes and you can see what
I am up to these days.
 This page in my journal started with Schmincke watercolors.
I love their bright, intense pigments!
 Those little specks of lighter colors were made
by flicking droplets of water from a paintbrush
over the page. You could also flick water
from an old toothbrush.
(Or a new one that you use just for water flicking 🙂 ).
I let the water sit about 30 seconds,
then tapped a paper towel down to pick up
the excess.
 Then I just looked for areas that looked like
flower shapes.
And if they didn’t – I pretended they did!
I used a regular black sharpie for the drawing.
Sharpies are permanent when dry,
so you can paint over them.
Or add any wet media.
 Which I totally did here.
Again, I used my Schminckes and a size 0
round brush to add color.

Last came the white highlights.

I tried adding those with white acrylic,

but my hand wasn’t steady enough.

So I used a Sakura gelly roll pen to highlight

and add color to a few flowers.

And I’m ready to move on to the next lesson now.

6 thoughts on “Loving These Florals!

  1. Thanks for showing us this awesome technique! I've been dabbling on my own with water colors a bit and love this idea.

  2. Oh how funny – you've answered my musing question in the comment to your last post! I like this one even more than the Tomboy background & love the way your extra layer of watercolours transformed the look of the flowers. Very striking floral shapes I have to say & beautifully drawn. Nice to see you back with your love of colour too.

  3. Bravo!!!marvellous colors and flowers !!!very nice!!!and good health after your surger'eyes!!! Condoléances pour le décès de votre maman!!!

  4. WOW, what beautiful, rich colors and I just love your flowers! You are going to get hooked on WATERCOLORS, trust me!!!

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