Big BOOK CLEARANCE in My Etsy Store

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I am getting out of the Zentangle® and tangling book business in my Etsy store.
I have combined them into groupings and have listed them
at a huge discount!
All sets are 50-70% off the original prices.
If not more.
Make my day and buy my books.
Here are a few of the sets listed.
The biggest set I have
Eight books total!
I have duplicates of all these books for myself.
So, if you see your book listed here,
that means I had extras. 

This is a pretty interesting set.
That Zengami book is written in another language,
but it really doesn’t matter.
The photos show you step by step how to use
the included paper and make some awesome
zentangled origami pieces.

If you are looking for a way to get started in zentangle,
this is probably your best bet for now!
It’s also a great deal for advancing tangle artists.
I have art in several of these books.
I will be happy to sign my artwork –
if you wish.
This sale does not include (so far) art journaling
books, or the official books from Zentangle HQ.
You can check out my store
The Creators Leaf
Have fun!

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