Art on a Shoe String! – Spirography©

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 Spirography©! My new word for this artstyle and I’m putting a © on it! Hahaha! Actually spirography is a real word that has to do with breathing measurement and breathing capacity. I believe it correlates to the zentangle art form due to the relaxation and calming effect your breathing and tangling can give. Hence, spirography! Here is where… Continue Reading

To Shade a Dragon


 So I’ve been working on this steampunk dragon for quite some time. A little here, a little there. As the ideas hit me. This is what he looked like this morning. I realized I had never shaded him. Shading is not my favorite. I really dislike shading, but it makes such a difference. As you have… Continue Reading

Big BOOK CLEARANCE in My Etsy Store

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I am getting out of the Zentangle® and tangling book business in my Etsy store. I have combined them into groupings and have listed them at a huge discount! All sets are 50-70% off the original prices. If not more. Make my day and buy my books. Hahaha! Here are a few of the sets… Continue Reading

Proverbs 4:23


 Bible Journaling. Getting back to the basics in life. The foundation of my faith. Getting back to where God wants me to be. Taking that step to put acrylic paint . . . onto a Bible page . . . wow! it’s a great big step! But one I felt I had to do. It starts… Continue Reading

Morphing Tangles

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To say I’m getting discouraged tangling would be putting it mildly. It took me three days to draw this simple tangle, but at least I tangled something.  I frequently get asked how I decide which patterns to use and how I make them work together. One of the weekly prompts in my Facebook group Tangle All Around was… Continue Reading

Rubbing Alcohol Makes It All Good


Here is a quickie project for you! *** Protect your work surface! *** I used three colors of liquid watercolor (mine came from Dick Blick,) mixed media paper and some rubbing alcohol. First I got the surface of the paper really wet with a mop brush, then I used a pipette to drop watercolor into the water. The… Continue Reading

Loving These Florals!


I love these big bold floral designs! They are such a surprising and pleasant experience!  Like I’ve mentioned several times before, I am taking some classes from Alisa Burke. You can check out her entire website here. Look for her classes and you can see what I am up to these days.  This page in my… Continue Reading