I’m Back Finally


 It has been quite some time since I posted last.
I started off doing cataract surgeries and my vision
was limited while healing took place.
Then the day after I had the last surgery,
I got a call from Florida that my mom was in the hospital.
The day after surgery, Mark and I were
in the air flying to Florida,
just barely ahead of a huge storm that grounded
all flights after ours at the Bangor airport.
Long story short – my mom didn’t make it.
I’ve spent the past two weeks in Florida,
taking care of Mom,
then planning a funeral,
then clearing out her room – emptying it of
furniture, clothes, everything she had collected
in the last eleven years of living there.
 Now that I am back home I am looking for some
motivation to art again.
I can’t see well enough yet to do any detailed drawing.
I actually headed back to the eye doctor yesterday
to see if my retina had detached.
It had not, so now I just wait for continued healing.
For several years I have followed the art of
Alisa Burke.
She uses beautiful, bright, bold colored backgrounds
which she fills with florals and designs.
As I checked my email yesterday,
I had one from Alisa offering some of her
online classes for sale.
I may have signed up for five of them,
and she gave me an extra one for free.
 The first class I looked at was creating beautiful
water color backgrounds that can be used
to draw on, to cut into collage papers, to paint on.
There are many possibilities here.
Alisa makes her living from teaching and arting.
It wouldn’t be right for me to explain here how
I made these backgrounds from her class
but I did want to share them with you.
 I can tell you that I used some expensive watercolors
called Schmincke,
but I also used some cheapo watercolors
from the school aisle at WalMart.
You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get
beautiful color unless you just want to.
 A couple of the projects used water soluble markers
to create water color.
I used Tombow markers and had a lot of fun!
 So much fun!
And I loved the colors, and texture, and drips
and runs, and all the blending.
 If you’d like to check out Alisa’s artwork
or her classes,
just click this link.
It will take you straight to her website.

Alisa uses some of her backgrounds

to make handmade art journals.

I’m thinking that is going to be a

happening thing here also.

Beautiful color.



Now if I could just see.

5 thoughts on “I’m Back Finally

  1. Good to see you posting again – & so colourfully. Thanks for the link to Alisa – took a detour over there to have a look. Very glad you had your eye checked over by the eye doctor, do take care of yourself whilst you heal & rest after all your busyness sorting things out for your Mom. Steady does it.

  2. Alice, I am so sorry to hear about your Mum and the worries about your sight. My thoughts are with you. I am sure you will come to find happiness and joy in memories of your Mum, for now, they are just sad, I know. Thank you for sharing those beautiful backgrounds, I hopped right on over to Alisa's website and am going to sign up for several of her classes! What a beautiful resource.Wishing you peace in your heart and healing in your eyes. It won't be long before the beauty of your Maine world is revealed to you in all its glory!

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