A Good Day to Stay Inside

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 This morning was interesting.
We woke up in the middle of the night . . .
It was 53° in the house
and 5° outside.
Our radiant heat went out and the
pellet stove wasn’t enough to carry
the whole house.
When morning came, we called the experts in.
After a couple hours – we had heat again.
We are now up to 61° in the house.
I am wearing my fuzzy Uggs that I
got on Zulily for dirt cheap
and my flannel lined jeans.
Whoa, baby!
 As soon as the expert got our heater going again,
Mark and I left to go somewhere warm while
the house heated up.
Interpret that to mean
Grammy’s Country Inn –
for homemade chili that makes your
tongue and lips burn.
I took that top picture at the side of our yard.
The next one I shot from the car,
heading to Grammy’s.
It is snowing and 15 degrees.

I borrowed this fitting cartoon from

MUTTS – Patrick McDonnell‘s

Facebook page.

It fits now that the house is warming up.

Still love living in Maine!

One thought on “A Good Day to Stay Inside

  1. Glad you got expert help so quickly – I do not do cold at all!! The photos definitely remind me of the landscape in Sweden where my parents had a log cabin. Take care in that weather & make sure you don't get your glasses frozen to your cheeks.

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