Stencil Art

Looking for new ways to use your supply of stencils?
Here is one way.
And it’s easy to work from step one to conclusion.
 Barb over at sells these awesome
stencils. There are a couple of face shapes,
several sets of facial features, accessories, hair –
and they all come in three sizes.
To get started I picked a face shape and a set of features
and simply traced them.
I knew I wanted to add the crown,
and that it would be sitting on hair,
so I traced the top part of the hair in pencil,
so I could tell where to sit the crown.
 Anytime you trace a stencil you are going to have
some choppy lines like you see in the first photo.
They have to do this so the stencil doesn’t fall apart.
Kind of hard to trace what lays in pieces in the bottom of the bag.
Once I had that crown figured out,
I went over the hairlines with a copic multiliner
and closed in those gaps in the pencil work.
 Now comes the fun part –
figuring out what tangles to place in the sections.
Just pick a section of the penned stencil
and start adding patterns.
There is no rhyme or reason,
just use tangles you enjoy.
 As I went along,
I realized the hair looked out of proportion
so I added some more on the lefthand side.
 Love some good angle shots of artwork!
Here I tangled some of the hair I added in.

And if you are having fun –

before you know it you have tangled up

a stenciled piece of artwork!

I am thinking to add color and maybe some

gems in that crown.

And then I will be done.

But that might be a whole other post.

Stenciled art.

It’s where it’s at for today.

Come one, and give it a try yourself!

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