I love doing zentangle art. There is a whole world of people out there that share ideas, share patterns and drawing techniques, a whole family that opened to me when I went through Certified Zentangle Teaching class. One of the lovely ladies I’ve met online since then is Lily Moon. If you tangle at all, or… Continue Reading

Dr. Seuss in the House

It’s time to art journal today in  Zentangle All Around on Facebook! The prompt for this week was to journal a page about someone who embodies your focus word for the year. The focus word I chose for the year is hope. Who better than Dr. Seuss who talked about hope in many of his 44… Continue Reading

Moebius Syndrome Awareness With the Diva, #300


 It’s week 300 with the Diva Challenge! And a special achievement requires some special recognition! Laura’s cutie pie little son Artoo is a champion and survivor with Moebius Syndrome.  Extremely rare,  Moebius affects the cranial nerves and is present at birth. It has been a joy watching Artoo and his brother Chewie grow up. Artoo is part of… Continue Reading

Diva Challenge #299


 Hard to believe, but it’s the Diva’s 299th challenge! This week Laura asked us to work with the  new official tangle from Zentangle® HQ called Drawings. You pronounce that draw-wings. Here I mixed it with waybop, another new official tangle. And I added some sparkle because . . . why not? Head on over to Laura’s page… Continue Reading

Stencil Art

Looking for new ways to use your supply of stencils? Here is one way. And it’s easy to work from step one to conclusion.  Barb over at sells these awesome stencils. There are a couple of face shapes, several sets of facial features, accessories, hair – and they all come in three sizes. To get… Continue Reading

Tangle Folks

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In my Facebook group Tangle All Around it is I Dare You! Thursday. On each Thursday in 2017, I will provide the group with a challenge that I dare them to complete. This week I dare them to try Billie Lauder’s tangle folks. If you click that pink link, it will magically take you to the… Continue Reading

Tangle Time With My Swing


Crazy title, right? Actually the name of this tangle is My Swing. It is a new one to me. Thankfully with one good eye I am able to start drawing again. I am really liking this pattern and the possibilities it presents!

Tangle It! Journal Study Week 2

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It is week 2 in our Tangle It! Journal book study! Over on Facebook in my group called Tangle All Around, we are working our way through this book that I co-authored and illustrated. Above is my entry for today. Trace and tangle your hand. To join us in our journey, get your book here. Then head over… Continue Reading

Tangle It! Journal Study

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So. Our study of the Tangle It! Journal has started over on Facebook in the group Tangle All Around. I am one of the author/illustrators for this best-selling book and the admin for Tangle All Around. Want to join us for the study? Head on over to Tangle All Around, knock on our door, and I will let you… Continue Reading

Happy New Year, 2017! Art on a Shoe String!


 Happy New Year!!! In my Facebook group – Zentangle All Around – we are starting a year long adventure! You should come on over and join us. One of the features I’m adding to the blog this year that we will incorporate into the 2017 extravaganza is Art on a Shoestring! Art 101. Art on a Budget! Also… Continue Reading