Goodbye 2016

 From our winter wonderland that we call home,
our very own land of Narnia in Maine,
we say goodbye to 2016.
There were many negative things that happened
in 2016.
Many people we loved are now gone.
We will miss them and we will carry on.
Because that is what you do.
You remember the good times
and you carry on.

2016 had some saving points, too.

Mark and I left everything behind in Florida

and relocated our home base of operations

to Maine.

Isn’t our new home beautiful?

Two of our three children have been here to check

out Maine. I told each of them, this is your new ‘home’.

Florida was good to us, but for health reasons

I had to leave it.

So now our permanent home is in Maine.

That was the best decision we made

in 2016.

 We did bring some dragons with us from Florida.
Actually five dragons and I’ve added to the
herd while we’ve been here.
This baby dragon was carved from a pine tree
with a chain saw by a very talented artist
in Florida.
The baby stands guard over our home.
Night before last we got about a foot of snow
and this little guy even got blasted on the porch
under the roofline.
I love how his little eyes are peeking out.
Hahahaha! Poor baby!
 So you add that foot of snow to what we already had
and this is what you get.
A back yard buried in snow but soooo beautiful!
I love Maine!
Behind those trees is where Mark hunted this year.
We have plenty of land for hunting.
And hopefully for one of our children to relocate
in 2017 and live up here next door to us.
Fingers crossed and praying.

Poor Belle.

She could hear Mark and Mike out back

with the snow plow truck

and she wanted to go out there.

Or at least see them.

But we are buried in snow.

2016 – you will only be missed a tiny little bit.

2017 – here’s hoping to be a great year!

A year filled with family

and love

and good health

and God’s blessings!

Happy New Year to you and your family.

May God richly bless you in the coming year!

Thank you for your support and comments

during 2016.

You are why I continue.

You are loved and appreciated.

*** If you should feel inclined to pray for me I would appreciate it.

Art has been hard to do lately. I am having my first cataract surgery

this coming Thursday, January 5th. The second surgery is

tentatively scheduled for February 9th. I should be able to see

much better then and be able to get back to arting. I miss it. 

Thank you. ***

10 thoughts on “Goodbye 2016

  1. Happy New Year, Alice! Best wishes to you for much more time and ability to do arting in 2017. I miss your work. Especially the wonderful backgrounds like you have here right now. 🙂

    • thank you – I miss it also. I just can't see well enough to do much. I keep trying and am not happy with the results but I think I'm going to start posting some anyway. first surgery is 4 days away. I'd appreciate your prayers

  2. Thank you Alice for the lovely post. You are an inspiration. Sending prayers and best wishes on your surgeries and all the best in the upcoming New Year. Phillis

    • thank you, Phyllis, I appreciate your support here, on Facebook, on Instagram, wherever our paths cross. you are a blessing

  3. Praying for your successful surgery,speedy recovery and a wonderful 2017. You were my inspiration to pursue art in 2016. You "appeared" in my life just when I was running out of "spoons" (lol-pain management term). Just had to write and let you know that you were part of someone's hope in 2016. May the LORD make HiS face to shine upon you and give you Shalom.

    • well I am in tears now, thank you so much for letting me know. YOU are the person I do this for. with each post I make I hope it makes a difference in someone's life. thank you so much! and thanks for the blessing. God is good and He loves us both so much. blessings to you in the new year <3

  4. Praying for you right now, Alice. My cataract surgeries were nothing but positive. May the Great Physician restore your vision with perfect clarity. There are fantastic cute reading glasses out there–and they're cheap. Love you. Happy 2017.

    • thank you for your prayers. I can't wait to get this on the road, first surgery is in 4 days and they tell me it will make a huge difference. I pray so.

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