Cityscape With Collaged Papers


Quite awhile ago I was working on a class

offered by Robin Mead.

Along the way I got sidetracked :).

Today I finished up my second of four

cityscapes – this one is

made in the collage style.

All the buildings are bits of colored paper

from earlier projects I made.

I never throw anything away.

Then I added a lot of tangling and extra color.

Looking towards 2017 I am choosing the word


because I need a lot of that right now

in my life.

In this cityscape collage I have a

tower of HOPE.

What word would you choose for this

coming year?

4 thoughts on “Cityscape With Collaged Papers

  1. Your tower of HOPE peeps out from behind another – & rises up just above its neighbour: Hope's like that sometimes, not necessarily out in front but quietly & unobtrusively undergirding & underpinning. I've not found a word yet – will keep pondering.

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