INKtober, 2016

The month every year when we try to put
pen to paper.
Each day of October.
And yet again I have failed.
I started out great.
Day One my prompt was ‘fast.’
Hence the rocket ship.
I even made it through day two
with some practice tangling
lollywimple and joki –
which still eludes me.

Then life happened.

I got behind.

And more behind.

And more behind

till I said forget it.

I will try again next year.

3 thoughts on “INKtober, 2016

  1. I too love your 'realness' & the sheer fact that you actually started INKtober was brilliant considering your schedule with 'life.' Your space ship is one of my favourites of all your artwork – it's just such a lovely & original take.

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