Getting Sketchy Week 7

 Here are my sketchbook pages for this week.
I tried out a few new to me tangles that
I had been admiring online.
I really love that barrel roll!
 And I worked on some new things for myself.
 Still loving Sandy Hunter’s lollywimple!
And I really like this organic braid!
Played a bit with some curvy patterns.
They bare much similarity to two I’ve already made.
 This week I tangled on a background I made
a week or so in my sketchbook
using a brayer and rolling on color.
Also, I tried a new acrylic ink spray
from Marabu! 
That would be the burgundy color.
Love it!
Sprayed on well and mixed great with
the turquoise Dylusions Ink Spray.
Are you using your sketchbook each week?
It’s a great way to document what you learn,
and to track your tangling progress.
Why don’t you give it a try?

5 thoughts on “Getting Sketchy Week 7

  1. Alice, what is the name of the organic braid tangle in the third photo? I love the looks of it! Thanks for the nudge to get back into my sketchbook.

  2. I love the idea of a sketch book – it's such a rich resource for when the mind gets stuck & you just need to put pen to paper. Your 'spool' pattern is so typically 'you' & works so well with your other circular patterns. Your Lollywhimple is great fun & I agree – that organic braid looks good……….

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