Working on a New Cityscape

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A new cityscape I’m working on. This class of Robin’s is fun! A lot of classes I’ve signed up for and started were hard to follow, didn’t make sense, didn’t have enough explanation. Robin’s class isn’t like that. She gives us video of herself making the same project we are, step by step. Out of all… Continue Reading

So Much Fun to Tangle!


Trying out a fun new-to-me tangle this week. My friend Sandy Hunter, a CZT from Texas, designed the tangle. It’s called lollywimple. Doesn’t that just sound like fun??? Here is my first shot at it. Sometimes a tangle just hits home and works. This one did. That entire piece of art is the one tangle lollywimple. Just… Continue Reading

You Never Know Where You’ll End Up


Many times I sit down to tangle, to draw, and I have no idea where I’m going. I just draw lines. And sometimes it ends up looking like this when I am finished. Hahaha! Like one crazy mixed up line critter.  So let me show you how I arrived. I began by laying down a… Continue Reading

My First Cityscape


Yesterday I gave you a little sneak peek of what I had been working on. Here is the finished project. I have long been a serious admirer of Robin Mead’s artwork. She and I both love bright color – the more the merrier. A month or so ago, Robin sent out an email announcing an online… Continue Reading

Sneak Peek


It’s been awhile since I posted. Hurricane Matthew happened, I am sure you’ve seen the news and you may have lived through part of the storm yourself. It has been a tense last few days and I am glad they are over. At least for my Florida family. Matthew is still straggling along causing flooding… Continue Reading

Trying Something New


This was something totally new for me.  I began with a Canson canvas board which I placed on my non-stick craft sheet. I gessoed the entire canvas in gold from The Crafter’s Workshop. For color I used a little yellow from the Golden Fluid Acrylic line.  Mostly I used a paintbrush to add layers  of various… Continue Reading

Getting Sketchy


 I administer a Facebook zentangle group called Tangle All Around. We work together to learn and grow our tangling skills through challenges, weekly sets of strings, the occasional swap. We share and we positively support and learn from each other. Last week I suggested something I am calling Getting Sketchy. (Which is kind of funny… Continue Reading