4 Tile Swapping

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 One of the CZTs had a great idea to host a
swap using four tiles,
drawing a mandala onto them,
then tangling each quadrant differently.
We mail our set to her and she will
match one of our pieces up with pieces from
three other people and mail us a set back.

Sounded like a really fun idea to me!

So here are my 4 tiles.

Here you see them unshaded.

At the top of the post you see what a

difference shading makes.

It’s a pain sometimes but it is

always worth it!

I will be out of town for a couple days.

Expect more posts when I get back.

One thought on “4 Tile Swapping

  1. It will be fascinating to see 4 different people tangling a quarter mandala – it's fascinating enough seeing your results using the same string lines of the mandala throughout but changing your patterns used. Shading does make a difference……………. though, as you say, it can be quite an awkward part of the project.

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