Challenge Day #2

 Yesterday’s challenge was to use henna drum
and gotcha in a tangled piece of art.
This was the start of my project.
 The henna drum reminded me of flowers
growing along a trellis,
so I went with that and added blox in the

Here is the shaded piece.

Shading really does help make your

art more three dimensional.

Next challenge coming up tomorrow

on Tangle All Around on Facebook.

Why don’t you join us?

7 thoughts on “Challenge Day #2

  1. Love the Henna Drum/Gotcha mix, great looking tile!!I've been to the Zentangle All Around page on fb twice this morning and can't find the challenges. What am I doing wrong? Or, are you going to be posting the challenges here on your blog? Sorry to be so, uh, well, "challenged," about this, lol. Thank you for your attention to this, and thank you for posting the challenges!! I adore challenges, they almost always take me out of my comfort zone.Joyce

    • hahaha! sorry, joyce, i have just been putting them on the wall as a regular post. i will start a file in the file section and add them there each day as well. may not be every day, may be every other day. it is a a whimsey that hits on occasion. easier to do when i am home, not so much when i'm traveling. thanks for playing along, and thanks for asking. i''ll take care of that right now.

  2. Alice, thank you for your reply. As long as I know where they will be on a regular basis, hey, post them where it's the most convenient for you. I'll start checking the FB file in the morning…and thanks again. I appreciate you.Joyce

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