New Colors from Rangers – Alcohol Inks


Fun news!!! Tim Holtz and Rangers have come out with six new alcohol ink colors! I received my set yesterday and went right to playing! Of course I used Yupo paper to work on. All pieces are 5″ x 7″. Above you see the new colors: amethyst, flamingo, and turquoise. Old colors used: shell pink and… Continue Reading

Challenge Day #2


 Yesterday’s challenge was to use henna drum and gotcha in a tangled piece of art. This was the start of my project.  The henna drum reminded me of flowers growing along a trellis, so I went with that and added blox in the background. Here is the shaded piece. Shading really does help make your art… Continue Reading

Zentangle Challenge

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 I admin a group on Facebook called Tangle All Around. We focus on tangles that have some element of roundness in them – a curve or oval or circle – anything round at all. And we are currently doing a year long focus on strings. The thought being that at the end of 2016 we… Continue Reading

Punzel Pops

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Love working with copics! They are an alcohol based marker, they blend well, they are bright and crisp, so easy to work with. This is a blend of the official tangle punzel and Ina’s bubble love. Both are fairly easy to draw and they work well together. So. Winter will be here before we know it… Continue Reading

Quandu 2


Eni Oken has come out with a fun new tangle called quandu. It is fun to draw and I just can’t stop mixing it with zingers and springkles. What a great way to spend a few minutes! I will be back home from Florida in a few days and life will get back to normal. Most likely.

New Tangle Pattern Airways


 I like to use flowers in my tangling, but not strictly for the floral aspect. Sometimes I want my work to be “representative” of something specific. Say a dragon. Most of the time I don’t want it to be representative of anything specific, but a floral design would work well with the other tangles.  And even… Continue Reading

More Blending Solution on an Alcohol Ink ATC

 Here is a completed ATC. Again – made with alcohol ink on Yupo paper. Kind of dark for me, but I thought I liked it anyway.  Finally, I was like, No! Too dark for me! So I used a lighter color of ink and dropped a few more spots of ink right onto the top of… Continue Reading

Alcohol Ink and Blending Solution

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 Here is the ATC we worked on yesterday. I mentioned that I was going to do a bit more work on it. Here is what I did:  I explained this technique in a post a couple days ago. Basically I have Copic Blending Solution in a fine-gauged tip bottle that I purchased at I felt the yellow got a… Continue Reading

Basic Alcohol Ink How-To


 Several people (more than two) have asked my how to use alcohol ink. So, let us start with a simple ATC. Ranger and Tim Holtz distribute alcohol inks, you can get them at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, or haha! of course you can. Amazon sells everything. Except maybe goats. Alcohol ink works best on Yupo paper…. Continue Reading

Fix An Alcohol Ink Hot Mess


Yesterday’s post gave you this sneak peek. The color comes from Tim Holtz and Ranger’s alcohol inks. The paper that seems to work best is Yupo paper. Here is a look at the supplies I used. I have been using these inks for close to ten years and they always deliver.  Unfortunately, I did not… Continue Reading