New Must Have Book for Tanglers

 My tangling friend Genevieve Crabe has just
released a new book.
She is a master of color and here she has created
a new book of . . . pre-colored backgrounds
meant to be drawn on.
Or tangled.
And the best part?
This is Volume 1!
 You know how much I love color.
Bright, bold, beautiful, rich, lush color
this book delivers all that and more!
Genevieve (did I mention she is my friend?)
sent me a copy to play with and
test various pens to see how they
get along with the book.
Let me tell you I had trouble deciding
where to start. It won’t be long till I’ve
 tangled every page in this book.
The page above is where I decided to start.
I tangled my underwater scene with a
Sharpie Fine Liner pen.
It is pretty much always my go-to pen.
And it worked like a charm here.
No bleed through to the back of the page.
No smears, it dried just as fast as it does on
I also used a white gel pen from Sakura for
various sparkles here and there.
I love how Genevieve’s lovely colors show through.
They aren’t overshadowed by the art.
The art and the color compliment each other.
 This page is darker than I usually work with.
It is good to step outside your comfort zone
once in a while and try something new.
So. Step I did. And I loved it!
I pulled out my Gelly Roll pens and went to tangling.
I found that I love the fluorescent gelly rolls
on dark paper. They seemed to work the best
for me and they did not bleed through the paper.
Let me make an explanation here for those of you
who wonder why we don’t use a heavier paper.
A couple of us artists have been using Amazon/
Create Space to publish our books.
When we use them we have no control over the paper
they use. If we print all black and white,
they use a lighter weight paper which allows
more bleed through. Just like you – we don’t like it either.
Which is why we include a section in the book
where you can test your pens.
If we print in full color like Genevieve has with this book –
we get a heavier paper, so you can do a bit more.
You still have to be careful with markers,
test them in the area where Genevieve
explains about pens and markers.
If you have bleedthrough and you still
want to use that marker anyway,
just place a sheet of cardboard behind your page
and tangle away!
Next I moved on to regular,
purchased at any art store, Michael’s,
Wal-Mart, or Hobby Lobby, kind of gel pens.
This time with a page color range about in the middle
Not too dark, not too light.
I found that primarily white, pastels, gold, and silver
gel pens worked just fine on this page.
I will go back later and complete this page
and the one before.
No bleedthrough.
And both the gel pens and the gelly rolls
dried quickly with no smearing.

Might I just say I love this page!


Not bragging on myself,

bragging on Genevieve,

and her color sense.

I love how the colors just flowed from

one into the next on this page.

They worked perfectly for stacking tangles.

Here I used a regular micron pen from Sakura,

and a Copic multiliner pen.

Perfection with both.

Colorful Backgrounds?

Heck, yeah!

And I love every page in this book.

I can’t wait for Volume 2 to come out.

(No pressure, Genevieve! I know you are

already working on it.)

Go now.

Go get you copy of Volume 1.

You can’t go wrong.

Here is the link again.

Now, back to tangling.

8 thoughts on “New Must Have Book for Tanglers

  1. Superb research & informatively presented. Interesting to learn about the reason for the paper quality in the publishing too. Love your Gelly Roll tangling – perfect match with Genevieve's backgrounds. The joy of both you & Genevieve in creating these pages exudes from the post too………..

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