Cee-a-Mosa, New Tangle

Are you ready to try a new tangle?
Here is one I designed recently called
So named because the pods remind me
of the seed pods on the mimosa trees
in Florida.
Let’s walk through the steps.
 I began by drawing cee-a-mosa in a circle.
You do not have to draw it this way,
it works well in straight-ish lines also.
To set up this piece, I drew a double line circle,
then added the seed pods along the lines –
inside and outside.
Next, I auraed the entire piece.
If you are new to tangling,
auraing something basically means
outlining it.
 Now, go inside the circle and add a seed podded
line across the middle. Before adding the aura,
add two perpendicular sets of lines,
then aura the first line.
(I found it works better if I add new podded lines
in between the pods of the existing lines.)
 Add the seed pods, then aura. 
 In that same crossing point,
go back and add one more set of podded lines
to each one. 
 Your sections are all set up.
Make sure each seed pod is blackened in.
 Now there is the simple process of auraing each section . . .
. . . and keep filling sections, till you are done.
 Cee-a-mosa in the round completed. 
Cee-a-mosa is a flexible tangle. 
You can fill sections with it like I did here also.
Such a fun tangle.
I hope you will play with 
and make it your own!

11 thoughts on “Cee-a-Mosa, New Tangle

  1. Wonderful – the weaving effect will marry it with lots of the official tangles too. The auras really make it so interesting when they interleave at the same time as hollibaughing.

  2. Please publish a book of just your tangles. Love them and love your art work.

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