A Little Airport Tangling


If you have followed my blog for any length of time,

you already know how much I love color.

Bright color.

In your face bold color.

I love it!

You will also know that we recently moved way north.

Thankfully it doesn’t reach 100-105° F here –

hallelujah –

but it does require me to make a monthly trip

down south to take care of my mother.

Which means a lot of airport time.

I knew that my last trip would include a two hour

layover at Reagan International and I wanted to

stay busy.

I pulled out my Peerless Watercolor swatches

and a Stillman & Birn sketchbook

and got busy.

I used a water brush and touched it to the swatches –

seriously that’s all you do –

and laid down splotches of beautiful color

until the page was filled.

At the airport, I found a table at the food court

and pulled out a Sharpie Fine Point

and got busy.

If you look at each section of color,

you will easily be able to see what I did.

One tangle in one section of color.

There are a couple places where I carried

the crescent moon tangle over into another

section, but mostly it was one tangle per.

For this piece of art I used:

diva dance rock ‘n roll,

crescent moon,

tipple and printemps,

and that’s it.

Easy piece to create even if it does look a little

harder than it really was to make.

I have a product review on peerless watercolors


Bright, bold, and portable.

Just exactly what I need them to be!

12 thoughts on “A Little Airport Tangling

  1. Beautiful, Alice! After Twinks and Tombows at Tangle Island, I feel brave enough to give this a try. It will be fun to see what the Rhonda take is on this. Thanks for sharing!

    • thank you for stopping by. i never know if people are going to like what i show or not. i guess it's that 'unsure' part of us that each of us has. haha! i'm glad you may have found a new way to use a string here 🙂

  2. I'm surprised you didn't have an audience watching you at the airport! An absolutely wonderful example of what you can do when you have to wait for things – the watercolour strings provide such a vibrantly delineated area for the patterns & I particularly like the way your Diva Dances have resulted in 'flowers-like roses' of different colours.

  3. Alice – I am enthralled by what you did and would love to experiment with this. What do I need? I have Tombow watercolor brushes and watercolor paper but am not sure what you used. I checked on Amazon and they have a set of 48 watercolor pencils with some bright and beautiful colors. Do you start with dry paper, use the watercolor pencils and then use a wet brush? I would love to take a class on this but there is nowhere in my area I can find one. If I'm asking too many questions, just let me know.

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