Time to Get Back to Work


It has taken longer than I anticipated

but we are finally finished unpacking boxes.


Finally I can get back to work.

Sorry to be gone so long.

Now I am trying to get familiar with this new computer,

computing standing up instead of sitting down,

and I am dealing with a new version

of photoshop.

I love this piece with the finery flourishes

mixed with arukas.

Did you know that arukas is Sakura spelled



There’s a brain twister there for you!

The Creator's Leaf

6 thoughts on “Time to Get Back to Work

  1. Beautiful tile, I really like it. And no, I didn't know that arukas was Sakura spelled backwards, lol!!~Joyce

    • My understanding is the tangle arukas was released at the event where zentangle announced its joint cooperation with Sakura

  2. Glad your back and what a beautiful tile to return with! Look forward to more of your Artwork from Maine.

  3. Good to see you posting again – I'm amazed at the speed with which you've managed all that unpacking though, well done indeed. tser devresed llew a gnivah er'uoy epoH.

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