Welcome to Maine!


Last week we loaded up the U-Haul truck, put my car on the trailer, and headed to Maine. Actually, two awesome guys named Jesse and William loaded our truck, drove it to Maine, and unloaded it once they got here. We found them on the U-Haul page and they were wonderful! One of our best investments… Continue Reading

2 More Days!!! And a New Tangle!


Are you ready for a new tangle? Here are the steps for Diagonal², a versatile and useful tangle.  It’s been a super busy past month with us getting ready for our big move to Maine. The truck will be here in two days and we are closing in on being ready. I had been saving… Continue Reading

It’s Crazy Here!

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The countdown has begun. The U-Haul truck and movers will be here in seven days! Yay!!! So. I am in crazy ninja packing like a nut mode trying to get everything done. I also have several doctor appointments in the midst of packing yet another box. I just realized I never posted this variation of betweed… Continue Reading