Small, Medium, and Large

 Recently on Tangle All Around –
my Facebook group –
guest poster Yvonne Westover challenged us to tangle the
same basic piece of art in different sizes.
 I began with a two inch tile – a Bijou from Zentangle.
Some call this a twinchie.
I decided to go with the wreath shape
and picked some basic organic tangles to use.
I was surprised how much I could fit into a
small two inch tile.
 Next I moved on to my middle size in the grouping.
This medium size is about 4 inches across.
Same organic tangles, just with more
attention to detail.
This is where the challenge ended –
with small and bigger –
but I wanted to carry the challenge another step.
I pulled out a 10.5″ Opus tile and got to work.
This one took me a couple nights to complete.
I used the same tangles –
To complete the piece, I pulled out a
red gelly roll pen and filled in some of those
little tipple. Zing! I loved the bit of color!
And last, I shaded the flux.  Nothing else.
Just the flux.
I love the way this tile ended up.
You never quite know going in how things will turn out.
Why don’t you give it a try?
Take 3 different size tiles –
or draw 3 different size tiles in your sketchbook –
limit yourself to 3 or 4 tangles
and give it a whirl.
I would love to see what you do.
Feel free to post your art at
Tangle All Around
on Facebook.

The Creator's Leaf

8 thoughts on “Small, Medium, and Large

  1. Your splashes of red paired with just the Printemps shading make the large tile really striking & I suspect the smaller ones would also be were you to apply both to them also. The wreath design is a perfect showcase for your style – these pieces are unmistakably "The Creator's Leaf" designs.

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