Meet Kilgharrah



The Great Dragon of Merlin stories.

A constant help to Merlin,

almost up to the end.

The next to the last dragon.

I had never drawn anything like this before.

No animals, nothing elaborate.

I started with a loose sketch – just the basic lines.

Then I added some tangles.

Not a lot, just enough.

Then I added color using

Schmincke watercolor pans.

Great, bright, bold colors in this set.

Once I got the colors I wanted,

I held the paper straight up and down over the trashcan,

and used a spray bottle to spray water over the whole thing. I let the water run and spread,

then blotted the drawing with a paper towel.

Such fun!

I named him Kilgharrah –

he is going to be part of a topper

for my new blog –

There Be Dragons Here!

This blog is going to feature my dragons,

and photographs of Maine.

A photographic journal,

so to speak.

And you get a front row seat.

The Creator's Leaf

5 thoughts on “Meet Kilgharrah

  1. This is beautiful – thank you for sharing the process too – I'd wondered how you got the image & am so impressed. Your colours are just lovely & his head beautifully regal.

  2. ohh ohh ohh I absolutely love this and love that you shared your technique. I just bought a new book on creating fantasy creatures as that is my end dream. Fairies and dragons and trolls have always fascinated me – along with witches. For drawing purposes. Can't wait to see your adventure!

  3. Beautiful! You would never know it was your first dragon. The colors are gorgeous! Looking forward to following your Maine adventures. Can I ask what kind of paper you used for this?

  4. Outstanding! Everything about this is appealing. Your drawing skills and especially the lovely color! Wow, did I say WOW?!

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