Make Your Own Journaling / Tangling Cards


Recently on Blitsy I found little packages of journaling cards –

actually bits of colorful scrapbook paper – from BoBunny.

 The cards came in several different sizes,
all perfect for tangling.
 Do you only have a few minutes at night for yourself?
Pick up a journaling card and tangle it for yourself.
The first three you see only took me 10-15 minutes each to complete.
You really can fit a quick project into your tightly scheduled routine.

Do you have to buy little journaling cards from Blitsy?

Or Michael’s?

Or Hobby Lobby?

(No, but you should go there and check out all the holiday decorations! I am now the proud owner of three snow covered Christmas trees that I saved a total of $1,300.00 on by waiting till the day after Christmas.)

If you scrapbooked like so many of us,

you probably have scrapbook paper that you bought for a

specific project and never used.

Or paper you bought in a pack and you

still have sheets that you don’t really like,

or they don’t go with your color scheme.

Take you trusty little paper trimmer

and cut those sheets into:

4″ x 6″

4″ x 4″

3″ x 3″


2″ x 2″.

These are frequently used journaling sizes,

and they will fit into any of the journaling

sheet protectors you might have from various companies.

Tangle and decorate these cards with

whatever tools you normally use.

Pens, fine liners, markers, pencils,

watercolor, ink sprays,

they all work well on scrapbook paper.

And have fun!

That’s the recipe for success!

The Creator's Leaf

2 thoughts on “Make Your Own Journaling / Tangling Cards

  1. Oh you made me chuckle – that's the way to buy Christmas decorations (I know that from experience!!) As for that first journalling card – my email Facebook notification just beamed from the computer……… The offset lines in the final one are super – who'd have thought that? The perfectionist imp wouldn't!

    • thanks, evelyn! 😉 i don't know if you have Hobby Lobby where you live. it's a christian owned business. huge arts and craft store with decorations for the home. they are closed on sundays so the employees can worship and relax with their families. sadly, Sunday afternoons are usually when i realize i need to go there for something.

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