Tangle Time With Mickey M-O-U-S-E

 Tangle time with Mickey. Hahaha!
Every time I say that – or think it –
I catch myself singing “M-O-U-S-E!”
Cause you can’t say Mickey,
without adding the rest of the line from the song.
At Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs) in Orlando,
you can purchase a 9″ tall Mickey vinylmation.
 He is solid white, his arms and head move
(which makes tangling a whole other experience.)
He is just waiting for you to add some
type of artwork.
 Of course that was an opportunity for me
to pull out the Dylusions Paints
and get started.
This paint is great! If you haven’t tried it yet –
you should!
Here is a link to a product review I did a while back.
Ironically, I was at Disney World when I made
the product review!
The primary thing you need to remember is –
this paint dries really fast!
Like lightning fast!
So don’t drag your feet or you will get left behind.
Work with a purpose.
 Then I moved on to the Dylusions Ink Sprays –
my choice of color product.
Normally I would work with water when using these sprays.
This time I just sprayed color starting at the top,
and letting it run down wherever it wanted to go.
Important note about these sprays –
they are water reactive.
Which means the color will start moving when wet –
even though they were dry and immovable before.
For instance, when I held this guy around the belly to tangle on his head,
then stopped and sat him down,
I noticed my holding hand was pink and blue.
Mickey still had plenty of color and I did not need to touch up anything,
but I did need to go wash my hands.
 Once I had as much color as I wanted on my Mickey,
I started tangling.
I figured a good plan would be to start at the top
and work my way down.
So I started with his ears and a Sharpie Fine Point.
 I outlined a few places that I wanted to keep separate
and just started with some fun patterns!
 I found tangling on this guy hard to do.
His parts kept moving and I had to figure out
how to immobilize him while I worked.
But I was really happy with the results I was getting.
 I found great joy in giving Mickey a couple tattoos!
Hahaha! Wonder what Minnie would think about those!
Because this was so difficult to hold steady to work on,
I focused primarily on the head
while gripping an ear in my hand.
And at this point, I stopped working on Mickey for a while.
I showed him to my son who informed me you could
actually take this guy apart to make
tangling on him easier.
Apparently you can remove the head and arms.
 Eventually I came back and did some more work on Mickey.
I have been told that the printemps are my signature tangle.
I guess they are probably right.
It is the first tangle I usually latch on to,
and for Mickey’s black pants I thought
printemps would work pretty well!
 I even added more work to the head.

This little guy was so much fun!

Even though he was a bit of a challenge.

Silly Mickey!

I am going to be in Orlando for a couple days this week

and I am thinking about picking up another one of these.

I wonder what I can do to Mickey this time.



See you around!


Why? Because we love you!


(You’re welcome!)

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4 thoughts on “Tangle Time With Mickey M-O-U-S-E

  1. Oh this had me giggling away – I can just imagine you holding on to an ear whilst tangling. Printemps worked perfectly for his trousers. Have fun in Orlando. Paula (PEP)

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