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Fiore is a favorite tangle for me.

I have a lot of favorites. Hahaha!

Fiore was created by CZT Jana Rogers

and it is the most fun!

Step out is available on Tangle Patterns.

While I was working on this one last night,

I noticed the top part of each drop was left open.

I didn’t like that.

My fiore didn’t look complete.

So I took those top bands that were left open,

extended them out, curved them around,

and capped them off with a tip.

Then the contrast needed a little help

to balance out the design,

so I added in a little flux between each

watermelon slice 🙂 .

Hahaha! Now I am totally wishing I had some

sweet, juicy watermelon!


Just what the doctor prescribed.

Why don’t you give it try?

The Creator's Leaf

One thought on “Fiorefied

  1. They do look like watermelon slices! Super way of finishing Fiore & I love the balance in tones you've achieved by filling the watermelons with your signature Printemps & your lovely solid Flux. Just goes to show what a little tangleation can do to transform a pattern. Paula (PEP)

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