String #11 for January 11th

Above you see string #11 that I posted for January 11th.

From top to bottom I used –

scallops, rixty, and florz.

This was a fun string to tangle up.

I love rixty, though I rarely use it.

I need to rectify that situation.

I need to work on those black sections

and figure out how to make them more uniform.

If you should want to play along with our

String Symphony –

one new string for each day of the year –

then head on over to Tangle All Around at this link

and send me a join request.

Hope to see you there!

The Creator's Leaf

4 thoughts on “String #11 for January 11th

  1. Scallops is great fun & really balances both Sixty & Florz here – you manage to get such a super balance of contrasts in both shapes plus density of black & white. Paula (PEP)

  2. Oh yes, Photobucket has caused me no end of grief over the years and then they do an "upgrade" and it works fine again. I don't know anything about websites but they must be so complex behind the scenes. We are at their mercy!However, I'm willing to bet that it's the IQ Option pop ups that are causing your readers to unsubscribe. If I have to constantly close boxes to get rid of advertising to see the page I'm trying to get to, I get frustrated. Is this something you can get rid of?Your work is such an inspiration,~ joey ~

    • Joey, we've tried to work on that problem for a long time. But it never happens when we look at the blog so we aren't sure how to approach it. And we have no idea what causes it. But thanks for reminding me. We will look again.

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