Satin & Silk

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Satin & Silk is that pretty section
across the middle.
Ordinarily, it doesn’t look a thing like cadent.
But I am noticing here, because of the way I 
filled the centers  of the arms with ink,
it does indeed favor cadent.
Hmmm. Who knew!
The top and bottom is line dance,
another tangle of mine. 
Both can be found in the Tangle It! Planner.
Yes, this last week and a half does sound like an ad for the
Tangle It! Planner.
Sorry, I didn’t intend for it to be that way.
I will start posting some new step outs very soon.

The Creator's Leaf

One thought on “Satin & Silk

  1. I like the look of both of these, the line dance looks super with the layering effect as if you're looking downwards into a slate quarry. Looking forward to the step outs.Paula (PEP)

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