Coral Step Out, New Tangle

 Not long ago, the Tangle It! Journal was released
and along with it came some new tangles.
Coral was a tangle of mine that we shared
in the new journal.
Coral is easy to tangle and it has so many applications.

The lines do not have to be straight,

they can be wavy.

Fat or thin, heavy lines or thin lines.

Rings or no rings, holes or no holes.

It is up to you.

 This one was fun.
Coral can be more abstract and just flow
with whatever you are drawing.
 It can be asymmetrical.
 Or really asymmetrical.
Here coral just kind of takes on a life of its own.
 I really love using coral in underwater scenes.
As you can see, the coral don’t need to all move in the same direction.
They work very well in a random placement.

Probably my favorite piece using coral of all time.

Twinkling H2Os really brought this piece to life

and those swaying bits of coral add the movement

this piece needed.


Why don’t you give it a whirl today

and see how you can use coral in your own art.

The Creator's Leaf

3 thoughts on “Coral Step Out, New Tangle

  1. Your seascapes always make me smile – that last sample is just magical with your indyrella shoals of fish & the glow of your top right sparkled printemps. The squids look like they got trapped in the funnels……………. & are just bursting out. Paula (PEP)

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