A String Symphony #10

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 String #10?, you say.
And today’s the 28th?, you say.

Yes, I am abysmally behind.

Nothing new there.

But the beauty that I built into this

String Symphony

is simply this – you can NOT be behind.

Work on whichever day you wish,

whenever you wish,

just keep tangling along when you have the time.

The thought is by me providing one string for each day of the year,

at the end of 2016 we will have 366 lovely pieces of art.


if we keep them in a binder, or a journal,

or a file box  –

we will be able to travel through a progression of

our tangleabilities

and watch our style and capabilities expand

as we simply relaxed each day

and let the zen part of zentangle occur.

Want to join us?

Easy peasy.

Head on over here to Tangle All Around,

send me a join request, and get started.

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One thought on “A String Symphony #10

  1. I love this whole idea of yours – I'm saving the strings for when I get a chance to plod my way through – still hoping to get a hang of an iPad art programme & practise using your strings………….. Your Footweety is fascinating & made me smile no end & I always love seeing your variations of Kuke. Paula (PEP)

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