Thursday String Idea #19

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 Welcome to another
Thursday String Idea,
and yes, I know it’s already Monday.
If you saw my last post then you already know 
the crazy, busy week I had week.
Publishing three books in one week is an 
awesome kind of crazy week to have!
And even though it is almost here again,
here is the string for last week.
A little different this time.
Instead of using my string, do what I did.
I picked up a couple items that were laying on my desk
and traced them onto my tile.
That became my string.
 This would be a prilosec bottle and a sharpie
that I traced.
 Then I just started putting in some tangles.
 I am thinking this is a strange combination of
tangles, which I can explain by saying I am sick.
My little Frankles had a cold when I stayed with her
Friday, now I have it. Ugh.
Here if my completed string #19.
Whimsical, Dr. Seussical, that could be Cat in the Hat’s hat!
Those tangles would be printemps, diva dance rock n’ roll,
and two of my own – skinz and Tennison.
So, grab a couple items from your desktop and trace them,
then tangle on and have fun!

The Creator's Leaf

One thought on “Thursday String Idea #19

  1. Very inventive & I like the way Rock n, Roll works with Printemps here. Two new tangles – nice contrast to the other two with that backdrop being a perfect foil for the others. Paula (PEP)

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