Thursday String Idea #16

 It has been one crazy, crazy week so far!
Trying to meet some deadlines, getting everything finished up,
so I can head to Maine on Saturday.
Day after tomorrow and I haven’t even begun packing yet.
I wanted this week’s string to be a little different.
Something other than the normal string.
Hahaha! Now that I look at this string,
it reminds me that it is hunting season.
So not what I had in mind.
Oh well.
(To download the string and print at the 3.5″ tile size,
click here.)

And here is what I did with string #16.

I mixed up some of my own tangles and used them together.

Bow*petal, patch, and ringz.

Sadly I haven’t posted any step outs to these patterns yet.

Let me work on that.

I should be able to get in one more post before I head out of town. I’ll make that be a post with step outs for one of these. Probably ringz. That’s the crazy space alien looking one.

I love it. It’s my favorite one to draw right now.

So, there you have string #16.

I hope you enjoy working with it.

Again, if you want to print out the string

at the 3.5″ tile size, click here.

Have fun!

The Creator's Leaf

3 thoughts on “Thursday String Idea #16

  1. One day I shall start on my project Alice Strings! For the moment I ogle your blog every Thursday where I'm continually seduced by a tile. Patch looks great fun – but then I am very fond of grids. Hope you have an amazing time in Maine as well as having a rest. Who needs clothes?? – all you need to pack is your tangling equipment & that's not going to take long. Safe travelling. Paula (PEP)

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