String #15 and Diva #243 Combined

Welcome to Thursday String Idea #15.
 Yes, I still owe you a step out for ringz, but first
here is Thursday String Idea #15,
also posing as The Diva’s challenge #243 – Just a Tiny Taste.
A simple string on the surface.
Deciding where to go with those sections is another thing.
If you would like to print the string out at the 3.5″ square size,
click here and print.
Then just pick a section and start tangling.
For me, when I looked at this string I had
crescent moon screaming out my name.
I draw my crescent moon a little different than most,
but this is what consistently works for me.
The Diva’s Challenge was to consider white space.
More specifically to leave a majority of the tile blank.
I didn’t quite hit the mark on the “majority”
but this is still a major step for me.
Like the Diva – I tend to tangle everything in site,
every bit of the paper is filled when I am done.
So this was a bit of a challenge for me,
and isn’t that what the Diva Challenge is all about anyway?
Stretching us to be better tanglers.
If you would like to see all the artwork posting this Diva Challenge, click here.
If you would like to print the string out, click here.
I would love to see what you do.
AND if you are new to my blog,
wherever you see pink in the post, that means it is a link, because
Pink = Link.

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4 thoughts on “String #15 and Diva #243 Combined

  1. I like this way of doing Crescent Moon – hadn't thought of that. Love how well filling the areas you did of the tile makes it very 3D indeed. Amazing what can happen with the various ways of filling a string – it works particularly well with keeping to just one tangle for the filled sections. Paula (PEP)

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