Curlz – A New Tangle Pattern

 Over the past month or so,
you may have seen this fun little tangle popping up in my artwork.
So much fun and easy to draw,
I would like to introduce you to curlz!
 Curlz is easy once you get that round, swooping line under control.
It took me awhile, my hand isn’t the steadiest,
just keep trying – it will get easier as you go.
If you work in single units, just be sure to close those tails
and to start the next curl underneath the one before it.
Of course, I prefer curlz in a line and attached.
Just a rolling swoop of curlz!
 Before you ask – the color behind Mr. Duck is Brushos Color Crystals.
Dripped into a super wet sheet of watercolor paper.
Curlz has a lot of applications.
I want to show you just a few here,
then you can take curlz and make it your own.
So, curlz can be water.
(White caps on the ocean, clouds in the sky,
curlz would also make a great sun!)
 Curlz can be a connector, joining tangled sections.
It doesn’t have to have those horizontal lines.
 I add the lines because I like the Seussical feel it gives to the piece of art.
Here you see curlz makes a great border/frame!
(This color came from Dylusions Ink Sprays!)
 I wanted to see if curlz could be turned into a flower.
Yes. It can.
 This one really reminds of Seuss drawings.
(Apparently curlz would make a great octopus, too!)

Here you see the whole coloring sheet I created,

and you can see those two bits of curlz

in their natural setting.

You see there are many applications for curlz.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

So to speak.

Please take curlz and give it a whirl.

I would love to see what you do with it!

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