A Little More Ringz


Busy, busy, busy here!

More surprises coming soon. Hopefully in the next week or so. It is an amazing amount of work to make wonderful surprises be so special!

(How is that for a teaser?)

In the interim, here is a tangle I introduced in the Tangle It! Journal which sat as the #1 Hot New Release on Amazon for 30 days. (They only let you hold that spot for 30 days.)

It is called ringz and I will give you a step out for it tomorrow, along with more art to show you what ringz can do.

It is one of those fun tangles that you can draw and just focus on little line after little line.

More tomorrow.

The Creator's Leaf

3 thoughts on “A Little More Ringz

  1. Love the way there's a sort of steampunk feel to this & how Patch (I think it is – the woven linework inside the large circles) stands out & adds depth to the more open Ringz. You take care of yourself – I'm beginning to sound like an overprotective Mum (or what I'd imagine one to be as I've never been one!!). Paula (PEP)

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