Ringz, A New Tangle


Allow me to introduce you to a fun little tangle, that is easy and joyful to make! Ringz. So named because of all the little rings I drew making this alien looking work of fun-ness. I drew this in the Detroit airport during a layover flight. I needed something easy to do as I balanced… Continue Reading

Thursday String Idea #16


 It has been one crazy, crazy week so far! Trying to meet some deadlines, getting everything finished up, so I can head to Maine on Saturday. Day after tomorrow and I haven’t even begun packing yet. I wanted this week’s string to be a little different. Something other than the normal string. Hahaha! Now that… Continue Reading

Curlz – A New Tangle Pattern


 Over the past month or so, you may have seen this fun little tangle popping up in my artwork. So much fun and easy to draw, I would like to introduce you to curlz!  Curlz is easy once you get that round, swooping line under control. It took me awhile, my hand isn’t the steadiest,… Continue Reading

Quick Stacks

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My life is consumed with books. Literally. It is rare for me to sit and tangle just for myself. This piece was just for me. In a little journal I made, I intentionally did not shade this piece, so the graphite wouldn’t ruin the adjacent page. From top to bottom: flying geese, bits of TootsieMoon… Continue Reading

String #15 and Diva #243 Combined


Welcome to Thursday String Idea #15.  Yes, I still owe you a step out for ringz, but first here is Thursday String Idea #15, also posing as The Diva’s challenge #243 – Just a Tiny Taste. A simple string on the surface. Deciding where to go with those sections is another thing. If you would… Continue Reading

A Little More Ringz


Busy, busy, busy here! More surprises coming soon. Hopefully in the next week or so. It is an amazing amount of work to make wonderful surprises be so special! (How is that for a teaser?) In the interim, here is a tangle I introduced in the Tangle It! Journal which sat as the #1 Hot… Continue Reading

Thursday String Idea #14


 It’s another Thursday String Idea! On Friday because I have too much happening in my life. It’s time to start weeding out some of the unimportant stuff, if there is such a thing, and focus on what’s important. Right now what is important is getting ready to make the move to Maine. That’s all I… Continue Reading

Playing With Flowers


Working with flowers again. There are so many ways to tangle flowers. I think my favorites here are the ones with curlz and the ones with mooka. What about you? Which flower tangles do you like to use? (And I just realized I’ve never posted the steps for curlz. I need to fix that soon…. Continue Reading