Thursday String Idea, #11

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 Welcome to Thursday String Idea.
This is week #11 and it’s a fun string!
To print at 3 1/2″ tile size,
click here.

I enjoyed this string!

That top left section is a new tangle I’ve been working on

and I’m calling it corn rows.

Step out to come soon, but there’s really nothing to it.

It melds right into a variation of merryweather,

then frost flower.

The little bit of rounding comes with those first two tangles.

To print out the string, simply click here.

I hope that you might consider posting your completed string art in our Facebook group

Tangle All Around

where we have fun tangling – – – in the round!

And, if you are looking for some more tangle fun,

head on over to Ina’s Tangles¬†here and check out

her Pattern-a-Day posts for


Bermuda is one of Ina’s new tangles.

Ina makes up one third of Simalina,

our book publishing team of Simona Cordara, Ina, and myself.

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One thought on “Thursday String Idea, #11

  1. I'm behind on your posts – resorting to commenting when cooking for Richard!! This looks like a string for Flying Geese & love the way you've melded Merryweather with Corn Rows. I keep being reminded of Frost Flower this week – it looks great in that corner. Paula (PEP)

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